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Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) 10mlOffice Revive Bulk - 50ml Revive Pure Essential oil

Office Revive 10ml Pure Essential Oil + 50ml yellow Va

Office Revive 10ml Pure Essential Oil + 50ml yellow Vaporizer Crystals

( Essential Harmony )

This Gift box contains 50ml of the Office Revive Vaporizer Crystals and 10ml of Office Revive Essential Oil. Essential Office Crystals are placed onto the plate of the Electric Aromatherapy Vaporizer.  The small Vaporizer Vap002 range is ideal for office use.  4 to 6 Drops of Essential Oil are sprinkled onto the Crystals.  This will depend on the size of your office.  Start with two drops on the first day and three on the second day, until you find the correct amount of drops for your office and your needs.  However, please remember when adding the drops of essential oil that Aromatherapy is a subtle aroma and you really do not need a lot.  The drops of Essential Oil are added to the crystals on a daily basis. This range is also highly recommended for students but be aware of the fact that Niaouli keeps you awake, so unless you're planning on studying through the night, keep it for day-time use.  You can even sprinkle a drop or two onto a tissue and keep it in your pocket.  Gently breathe in the aromas every once in a while to feel the benefits.

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