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Et008: Essential Toddler: 500ml Germ-Buster Mist

Essential Toddler: 500ml Germ-Buster Naartjie Mist

( Essential Harmony )

A TRULY South African Product.  The Germ-Buster Mist contains pure Naartjie and Lavender Essential Oils.

A wonderful, natural product useful for disinfecting any area where children work or play.  Use to clean up after lunch, wipe down playground equipment, or simply spray over the area after cleaning up and let the Essential Oils do their Disinfecting work.  The Germ-Buster Mist can also be sprayed around the room to disinfect and freshen the area, or spray directly onto cuts and grazes.  This product contains no alcohol.
Ozone Friendly and Chemical Free

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